Holme Holt

Due to ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19 preventing us from holding a consultation event, Ainstable Parish Council is conducting an online survey to collect residents’ views on the proposals for Holme Holt.

Please click here to access our survey and share your thoughts.

You should have received a copy of our leaflet through your door but you can download an electronic copy below.

PLEASE NOTE: this is an informal consultation to gather residents’ views. The responses to the survey will be fed into the planning process, which will lead to a formal application for planning permission from Eden District Council. This will include precise location plans and a formal consultation.


For a long time, the vehicles parking along the length of Armathwaite Bridge have caused concern. Parked vehicles restrict the visibility and pose a risk for pedestrians and traffic alike. Wider vehicles like tractors, articulated lorries, and emergency services struggle to get across the bridge at times. These are real and understandable concerns, particularly to the communities on the east side of the River Eden who rely on this crossing point.

To address these concerns, and reduce the risks to the public, Ainstable Parish Council is proposing to create a safe stopping-off point and parking place on the Ainstable side of the bridge.

Click here to download our information leaflet with further details of our proposals.

You can see the results of our survey here: