The Parish Council consists of locally elected volunteer councillors who represent the various communities, including the villages of Ainstable and Croglin as well as the hamlets of Dale, Newbiggin, Ruckcroft and Longdales and the surrounding farms and houses.

We need more volunteer councillors, particularly from Croglin and Newbiggin in the parish.

Nigel Vear ~ Chairman (Ainstable)

Howard Bellis ~ Ruckcroft


Deputy Chairman

Hub Coordinator

Dennis Smith ~ Ainstable

Angela Ritchie ~ Croglin

Geoff Proud ~ Ainstable


Hazel Proud ~ Ainstable


Dick Bradshaw ~ Ainstable

Mary Robinson ~ Croglin

Chris Sproat ~ Ainstable

We require Councillors for Croglin

Registers of Interests for your Parish Councillors held by Eden District Council