Ainstable Parish Council Community Website

Next Meetings:

Ordinary Meeting ~ Tuesday25th January 2022 ~ 7.30pm ~ Ainstable Church Institute

Ainstable Parish Council is returning to physical meetings which are open to the public. However, we will politely request that members of the public help to keep all attendees safe by wearing face masks (unless exempt), and maintain social distance. We will not be providing paper copies of the agenda or other documents at the meeting. Relevant papers will be available to download from this website in advance of the meeting, as normal.

If you would like to raise an issue with the parish council, please consider whether it can be raised outside of a meeting; in the first instance please contact the Clerk.

Notice of Vacancy

There is a vacancy for a parish councillor for Newbiggin. Full details of how to call for a by-election are available here.

Action Plan 2021-22

Ainstable Parish Council has prepared a plan of all it hopes to achieve in 2021-22. This is available as a PDF or as an accessible Word document.

Ainstable Millennium Green

Please use Ainstable Millennium Green responsibly, and in line with the latest government advice.

The play equipment on the Green is not cleaned. Please ensure all users wash their hands thoroughly after visiting Ainstable Millennium Green.

This website has been set up by Ainstable Parish Council as a community website with the aim of:

  • Informing people about the work of the parish council
  • To provide a community website
  • Listing local events
  • Publicising the local area
  • Working with the community to plan for the future.

Do you have suggestions to improve our parish, if so please come along to the parish council meetings or speak to one of your local parish councillors.

John Thirlwall, Honorary Freeman of the Parish of Ainstable
Parish Councillor 1991-2019