Ainstable Parish Council Community Website

This website has been set up by Ainstable Parish Council as a community website with the aim of:

  • Informing people about the work of the parish council
  • To provide a community website
  • Listing local events
  • Publicising the local area
  • Working with the community to plan for the future.

Do you have suggestions to improve our parish, if so please come along to the parish council meetings or speak to one of your local parish councillors.

Local Council Elections ~ Thursday 2nd May 2019

All the seats on Ainstable Parish Council are up for re-election. Full information for candidates and voters is available from Eden District Council. You can also read the formal Notice of Election.

Next Meetings ~ All Welcome:

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
Tuesday 21st May 2019 ~ 7.30pm ~ Croglin Village Hall